Monday, February 1, 2016

Padkos - January 2016

The Hyper-Examined Life Isn’t Worth Living
God’s Wonderful Plan For Your Life
I Am Going to Write - Trevin Wax

Nine Questions to Help You Steward All of Your Life for God’s Glory

3 Questions To Ask Before Listening To Any Sermon
A Place To Start For Spiritually Stuck People
Puritan (and other) Books to Read Online
J I Packer’s Puritan Library For Online Reading
How To Be Spiritually Miserable
God’s Sovereignty Over My Free Will – John Piper
Chesterton and 4 Arguments – Trevin Wax

8 Ways to Grow in The Fear of God

The Consequences of Neglecting Prayer - David Wilkerson
“In those times, my prayer life consisted only of meditation and quiet times. I had no effectual fervency in prayer. Why? Because the cares of life robbed me of my time with the Lord.
So, what happened to me in those times? Servanthood turned to self-pity. Ministry seemed like a burden, not a blessing. And misery upon misery flooded my soul.
I battled loneliness, weariness, unbelief, a troubling sense of having accomplished little in life, even thoughts of quitting the ministry. And the blessings of God were hindered. My relationships soured, I lost discernment, and fresh revelations of Christ no longer came.”

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