Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Padkos–August 2014

Maybe I can group these by month…

Learn This Verse – John Piper.

A Closed Door.  Before finishing the penultimate paragraph, I suddenly saw another way to understand the verse. I pause to think it through, came back and saw the author came to the same understanding. Interesting, never have looked at this verse in this way.

Look! A Distraction!   Note what he says about deep thinking and deep relationships.

Our Deeds Are Not Filthy Rags

This one had some good points  Teach Believers What Happened to Them in Conversion

I may not be in seminary, but this applies to us all :  THREE DEATHS EVERY SEMINARIAN MUST FACE

This poem has always disgusted me. I much prefer the redeemed version! Invictus Redeemed

Lay Aside The Weight of Self-Indulgence

First Message  from the ‘Only Two Religions’ series by Peter Jones