Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Padkos - August 2018

Get Rich or Die Trying? John Piper

6 Warning Signs of a Bad Pastor or Spiritual Abuse- (or any leader/leadership set-up)

Three Threats to The Joy of This Generation - Ask Pastor John

Five Ways to Make War Against Greed - John Piper

Linger Long Over Your Bible - John Piper

What I've Learned About Leviticus... -Jay Sklar

The Greatest Thing You Can Do With Your Life - Jon Bloom

Ask Someone Older Than You - Marshall Segal

My Real Recovery From Anorexia - Emma Scrivener

Your Marriage Needs Beautiful Fights

The 'At Least' Among Us

Satan Attacks With Wounds From Your Past

Trapped in my own Mind (Depression) - Sarah Walton

Evaluate Your Day Before It Begins - Matthew Westerholm

What is The Purpose of My Life - Ask Pastor John -    'That purpose is to live in such a way as to make the surpassing worth of God in Christ look like what it really is — to live in such a way as to make the infinite value of Jesus more plain than if you had not lived.'

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Padkos - January 2018

When Beauty Pours Out

Aging With Grace

Turn The Other Cheek And Get Walked Over? "Disciples of Jesus would be wise to follow him specifically in this area by setting boundaries."

Isaiah 51:12-13 - Look at The Book - the Bible will teach you how to think

Comfort is a Deadly Compass
"This is an important lesson for us. Look at the devastation that selfish apathy wrought. There is the untold pain in Dinah’s life, the “innocent” slain in Shechem, and the life of Joseph because of it. Do not fall into the trap of laziness and apathy; comfort is a deadly compass. It will lie to you just to protect you. What we need instead is a trust in God that can endure seasons of discomfort by denying ourselves. What we need is to look a lot more like Jesus rather than Jacob."