Friday, January 1, 2016

Padkos December 2015

Plunge Your Mind Into The Ocean of God’s Sovereignty - Desiring God blog.
Moral Relativism “As Walter Isaacson, Einstein’s most important biographer, explains:
“In both his science and his moral philosophy, Einstein was driven by a quest for certainty and deterministic laws. If his theory of relativity produced ripples that unsettled the realms of morality and culture, this was not caused by what Einstein believed but by how he was popularly interpreted.””
How To Know If You Are Called
Essential Life Skill – Teachability
I Am What I’ve Been Through [this title provides enough food for thought and prayer]
Stop Sending Missionaries ( I would add : make sure they are really converted, born again follower of Jesus)
Dear God, I Don’t Want To Serve You This Way….

Lordship is not Legalism