Wednesday, October 1, 2014

September Padkos

Pretty full month this time round! Lots of good stuff to share. Also remember to check out Christian Courses at RBC . They have many free courses available and regularly offer free graduate level/quality courses.


Love That Will Complete You   “God is completing us by producing in us more and more love fuelled by truths about him and his world. He is sharpening our minds and hearts around what is good, and that love — built on the iron beams of knowledge and discernment — prepares us for him, for a perfect, holy God. God makes us ready for that day by teaching us more of his truth and making us more loving toward others. God does the work. That’s why it’s a prayer (Philippians 1:9) and not only a command. Paul is asking God to do it in them, in us.”

4 Things Jesus Didn’t Die For 

Jesus didn’t die so we could achieve the American Dream, but so that we could inherit immeasurable riches in the presence of God for eternity.

Jesus didn’t die so we could create our own little social/political kingdoms in this age, but so that we would rejoice in the coming kingdom of the next.

Jesus didn’t die so we could keep on sinning but so that we would have the desire to stop sinning and glorify him in all we do.

Jesus didn’t die so we could amass a spiritual resumé of good works but so that we could rest in his righteousness as we obey out of love and humility.

Let My People Think Part 1 – Ravi Zacharias

Let My People Think Part 2 – Ravi Zacharias

Oprah quotes edited.

God’s Beauty for the Bored, Busy, and Depressed

If Only You Knew What I Know  - “Every church is a community of recovering sin-addicts, fellow sufferers who are longing for freedom. Freedom comes through principle taught and principle displayed. Who needs to hear you say, “Walk with me. Let’s learn to be like Christ…””

12 Step programmes work for addicts, what is lacking in the church?

Why Curious People Don’t Get Bored

Theological Impatience

Biblical Versus Systematic Theology

Monergism – 125 Free E-books

You Need The Power of The Holy Spirit

Making Sense of The Stories We Tell

What Jesus Didn’t Say

Sobering Up : Prerequisite to a Good Prayer Life  “Sobering up means that we see reality as it really is; that we recognize that time is short; that we give up any thoughts of trying to live or serve apart from the enablement that only God can offer.”


Look At The Book  Great new ‘Biblestudy Guide’ from John Piper and Desiring God.

Busy Is Blasphemy – Written from the perspective of a pastor, but applies to us all. (Remember that the time on earth is not the only time we have, we do not have to do absolutely everything during our lifetime here. There is all eternity still to live…)

Read those Genealogies!  I used to skip them until audio Bible listening took that option away from me. I’m so glad it did, I won’t skip them anymore. The article gives some clues as to why I now LIKE reading genealogies!

Encourage One Another

Put Feelings Back In Faith

Live More Simply

The Dignity of Our Deterioration

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