Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Padkos – November 2015

40 Thoughts For 40th Birthday –  Jared C Wilson

7 Subtle Symptoms of Pride –  Fabienne Harford   ( 7 points from Jonathan Edwards)

You Can’t Serve God and EntertainmentPhilip Holmes

My Spouse Is My Best Friend?Mark Jones

Miscarriage And The Confusion of Sinful GriefJamie Carlson

What is Holding You Back?Laura Elliot  “So reader, where does that leave you? What is "your thing," and why aren't you doing it?”

6 Assassins of Man’s ContentmentDarrin Patrick   “Contentment is the fuel for a life well-lived. “

The Songs of Jesus  - Tim Keller

Protect Your MarriageJim Newheiser

You Are Meant To Move MountainsJon Bloom 

How would you live differently if you really believed that nothing would be impossible for you?

Don’t let cynicism squelch that question. Our lightning quick and loud unbelief is not commendable. It is perverse, twisted. It robs us of more than we know. When contemplating such a question, it can be tempting for some of us to quickly point to the errors of the word-of-faith movement and reaffirm that we aren’t going to fall in that ditch. Good. We should not. But that does not excuse us to live at peace with little faith and impotence in kingdom ministry.”

Hardwired For AwePaul Tripp 

An Identity That Can Handle Either Success of FailureTimothy Keller (video)

Bad Doctrine Versus Heresy

Timothy Keller on the Psalms

7 Sentimental Lies You Might Believe