Embrace The Life You Have

God Has A Wonderful Plan For Your Life (Philippians) - Look At Book

Changes That Heal 1 - Henry Cloud
Changes That Heal 2 - Henry Cloud
Changes That Heal 3 - Henry Cloud

Beware of Running too Hard - Joni

How Do I Live The Authentic Christian Life? - John Piper APTAT

Your Neglected Soul Cannot Fix Itself

A Real Solution To A Complaining Heart

God Works For Those Who Wait For Him - John Piper

God's Beautiful Design For Women - Revive Our Hearts

Chesterton's 'Orthodoxy' - Thoughts by Trevin Wax & Matthew Lee Anderson

The Downward Spiral of My Miscontent

Be Strong And Courageous - John Piper video
Never Abandon Hope - John Piper video

Do You Resent The Life God Gave You?

Christian Meditation - Sam Storms

Rethinking Christian Calling 

Die To Yourself Without Loosing Yourself

Self-Examination Speaks a Thousand Lies

Don't Waste Your Mornings - APJ

God's Work in Your Depression - APJ

Make War on the Urge to Sulk - APJ

10 Spurgeon Quotes For The Wounded Christian "Spurgeon never suffered from having never suffered. He saw hardships as God’s hammer, shaping sinners into holiness and channeled his suffering into his sermons. Small wonder the hard working class were magnetized to him. “You must go through the fire,” he said, “if you would have sympathy with others who tread the glowing coals” (MTP 32:590)"

My Undoing Was Your Beginning

5 Ways to Flourish in Journalling

I'm Paralyzed By Indecision - Ask Pastor John

Yes to Hating Sin, No to Hating Self - Ask Pastor John

Your Testimony is Not About You

Learning From Fanny Crosby

Kindness Changes Everything "We open ourselves to the supernatural work of the Holy Spirit when we ask him to produce in us kind hearts that overflow through kind lips."
Extraordinary Skills For Ordinary Christians "But I love what John Piper says: “Here is a vocation that will bring you more satisfaction than if you became a millionaire ten times over: Develop the extraordinary skill for detecting the burdens of others and devote yourself daily to making them lighter.” This is the extraordinary ministry for every ordinary Christian—bearing the burdens of others. What seems so mundane and so unspectacular, is actually bringing great glory and honor to God."

Why You Can't See Your Biggest Flaws - Timothy Keller

Fight Sin Find Rest - Ask Pastor John

Great Prayer Warrior - Mary Winslow

When Eating Is Sinful   This does not apply to food only, but anything that we prefer to God. I like this paragraph : "Finding victory over food-worship (and vanity) begins with the honest admission that we’d rather indulge our senses than know God. We then need an understanding that we cannot defeat sin on our own, that we need a Savior to deliver us. The hunger and thirst driving our gluttony are only satiated in Jesus. "

Jerry Bridges - a Life of Faith - Audio

9 Sins The Church is Okay With 

How To Please A Holy God

How To Glorify God Being a Generalist

The Root of Mental Health - John Piper

Scripture Memory - David Mathis

Exercising An Idle Mind - Kelly Needham

Never Say Never - When Our Strengths Gives Way To Sin 

Faith and Law-keeping in the Christian Life - Ask Pastor John

Fearless Women in a World of Opportunities - John Piper

Painful Pruning - An Unavoidable Season

Seeing Productivity From a Biblical Perspective

Eternity Etched on My Eyes

Stop Complaining "However you express it, grumbling is the emotional expression of dissatisfaction." 
"As believers, we know we are not supposed to engage in outward, overt rebellion against God. But we must take just as seriously any inward rebellion in the form of grumbling or disputing. We don’t have the right or the authority to argue against God, His Word, or His plans—we must submit unequivocally and immediately at every turn."
"Grumbling and arguing aren’t just any old sins—they’re fundamentally and diametrically opposed to the grace and provision of God in our lives"
Stop Complaining Part 2 "Very few things are as accurate a measure of the true nature of your heart as how you react to trials and disappointment."

Diagnosing and Mortifying the Sin of Complaining

Think about Your Death - Francis Chan  " Fools do whatever is easiest." "The wise man makes time to think about serious issues. The hard work of mourning builds up the wisdom of the heart."

When You Don't Love Your Job Several 'single layered' comments there, but still interesting points worth thinking about (underneath the single layers)

Left Out - The Benefits of Exclusion - Kelly Needham

Women, Trade Self-Worth For Awe And Wonder - Jen Wilkin "Awe yields self-forgetfulness. When we emphasize self-awareness to the omission of self-forgetfulness, we have missed the mark. You can tell me that I am a royal daughter of the King. You can assure me that I am God’s poem or his masterpiece. You can tell me that I stir the heart of God, that I am sung over and delighted in, that I am beautiful in his eyes, that I am set apart for a sacred purpose. You can tell me these things, and you should. But I beg you:Don’t tell me who I am until you have caused me to gaze in awe at “I Am.” Though all of these statements are precious truths, their preciousness cannot be properly perceived until framed in the brilliance of his utter holiness. There can be no true self-awareness apart from right, reverent awe of God."

Food And The Bible - Homepage for a series - Kelly Needham

Hobbies -

Hobbies to the Glory of God - Tim Challis

Hobbies - Gift or God? - " Above my desk, in my office, I have a framed picture that my wonderfully creative wife made for me that has pictures of books, coffee beans, and a few quotes. Knowing that my hobbies are reading, writing, and the quest for the perfect cup of coffee, in the middle of that picture is a quote from Jonathan Edwards. The quote from his “Resolutions,” says, “Resolved, never to lose one moment of time; but improve it the most profitable way I possibly can.” Underneath this quote is Paul’s admonition to the church in Ephesians 5:15-16, “Look carefully then how you walk, not as unwise but as wise, making he best use of the time, because the days are evil""

How Hobbies Glorify God (audio) John Piper

Should a Christian Have Hobbies?

Justin Taylor on 'How To Read a Book'

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