Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Padkos - November 2016

Love Your Neighbour Enough To Speak The Truth - Rosaria Butterfield - "I learned through conversion that when something feels right and good and real and necessary—but stands against God’s Word—this reveals the particular way Adam’s sin marks my life. Our sin natures deceive us. Sin’s deception isn’t just “out there”; it’s also deep in the caverns of our hearts."

Do You Pray Enough? - Jon Bloom

Freedom From The Tyranny of Hyper-Spirituality

Encourage One Another - "Not only do our words reveal what is true of us, they also generate reality for another. "

A Case For Christian Magnanimity

Padkos October 2016

Lay Aside The Weight of Flattery - Jon Bloom " Love never flatters others, and wisdom never desires to be flattered"
You Are The Manure Of The Earth --- salt as Jesus meant it.
One Sided Friendships?
10 Resolutions For Mental Health

How Will We Live Now - Albert Mohler