Saturday, October 1, 2016

Padkos - September 2016

Memorization - How It Feeds Our Imagination

Your Testimony is Not About You

How to Spot Your Own Hypocrisy  - Shannon Popkin "Friends, we could spend a lifetime convinced that we see with perfect clarity just how wrong someone else is. But how willing are we to look at ourselves?"

When Eating Is Sinful   This does not apply to food only, but anything that we prefer to God. I like this paragraph : "Finding victory over food-worship (and vanity) begins with the honest admission that we’d rather indulge our senses than know God. We then need an understanding that we cannot defeat sin on our own, that we need a Savior to deliver us. The hunger and thirst driving our gluttony are only satiated in Jesus. "

Kindness Changes Everything "We open ourselves to the supernatural work of the Holy Spirit when we ask him to produce in us kind hearts that overflow through kind lips."

Treat Yourself to the Word of God "Cultivating the daily habit of enjoying “time alone with God” in the Scriptures feeds our souls and gives us our bearings for the rough and tumble of everyday life"

Changed by Meditation " Whatever it takes to meditate – to center our minds on God and allow his Word to permeate our thinking and change our lives."