Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Padkos - August 2018

Get Rich or Die Trying? John Piper

6 Warning Signs of a Bad Pastor or Spiritual Abuse- (or any leader/leadership set-up)

Three Threats to The Joy of This Generation - Ask Pastor John

Five Ways to Make War Against Greed - John Piper

Linger Long Over Your Bible - John Piper

What I've Learned About Leviticus... -Jay Sklar

The Greatest Thing You Can Do With Your Life - Jon Bloom

Ask Someone Older Than You - Marshall Segal

My Real Recovery From Anorexia - Emma Scrivener

Your Marriage Needs Beautiful Fights

The 'At Least' Among Us

Satan Attacks With Wounds From Your Past

Trapped in my own Mind (Depression) - Sarah Walton

Evaluate Your Day Before It Begins - Matthew Westerholm

What is The Purpose of My Life - Ask Pastor John -    'That purpose is to live in such a way as to make the surpassing worth of God in Christ look like what it really is — to live in such a way as to make the infinite value of Jesus more plain than if you had not lived.'