Did You Expect Your Marriage To Be Easy?

10 Things to Work Through Before You Get Married

6 Deadly Enemies of Marriage

Your Marriage is Worth The Work - John Piper

Hardships in Marriage and Parenting - John Piper

Have I Really Forgiven Someone if I Keep Remembering Their Wrong - APJ

Make War on The Urge to Sulk - APJ

'Fast Food' Conversations - This article talks about conversations within the family, but it applies equally to friendships and interaction within the body of believers.

Find a Friend to Wound You


When God Sends a True Friend

An Oasis For Wives in Desert Marriages

The Marriage Conversation You Ought to Have  “It is a sign of God's grace when our consciences are sensitive and our hearts are grieved, not at what the other person is doing, but at what we have become.”

Your Marriage Needs Beautiful Fights

What is The Purpose of Marriage? - Tim Challis

Developing Authentic Sisterhood

Biblical Model For Mentoring

The Major Obstacle in Forgiving Others - APJ

Ministering to Moms With Prodigal Children

Why Do Friendships At Times Feel One-Sided?

Difficult Friendships Are Good For You

Women Serving Women Day 1
Women Serving Women Day 2

We Die a Thousand Ways in Love - "Those two brackets — dirty feet being washed clean and sinless feet being nailed to a cross — bring the love in John 13:35 into greater light and clarity. This kind of love involves servant hearts and hands that are unexplainably humble, intentional, self-sacrificing, and free from the world’s standards and expectations (Galatians 5:13)."

A Trustworthy Wife

Generational Sins - Ask Pastor John

How to Spot Your Own Hypocrisy  - Shannon Popkin "Friends, we could spend a lifetime convinced that we see with perfect clarity just how wrong someone else is. But how willing are we to look at ourselves?"

We Are Equally Sinful. We Are Not All Equally Broken or Toxic

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