Friday, July 31, 2015

Padkos July 2015

Why God Makes You Wait – Tim Challis. The articles from this series has been very good. Well worth looking back at.

4 Tips For Dealing With ProcrastinationTim Challis . “…we can masquerade as efficient people by doing many things, but still neglect the most important things.” “I need to use the best of my day to do the single most important thing. It is a hard discipline, but a very important one.” “First, I had to see this: Procrastination is a problem of spirituality before it is a problem of productivity.” “Second, I had to learn a very important lesson: Not all procrastination is bad.””The first is to do the hardest thing on your list first.””My second tip is to break big tasks into small ones.”

Controversy or ComplacencyTim Challis  “As I thought about controversy and complacency, I realized that in my own way and in different contexts I am prone to both of them.”

Suffering – For Others’ Sake  - Dave Zuleger  “

God means for us to not let our suffering become an excuse to keep our weakness hidden or to just focus on ourselves. Rather, we show a beautiful display of the gospel and of the very comfort of Christ as we let others in to see our weakness in order to say Christ’s strength is strong enough for them — theirweakness, their pain, their suffering. We beautifully display the goodness of the gospel as we turn our eyes upward to God and then outward to others to be hismeans of comfort for them. Then, we will redeem our suffering — or better, we will realize one of God’s good purposes for it.

We must be ready to share our comfort in the midst of suffering, because God’s glory is at stake and because the sufferers are many.”


20 Quotes From Rosaria Butterfield’s New Book   -  Matt Smethurst   “The image of me and everyone I love suffering in hell crashed over me like shark-infested waves of a raging sea. Suffering in hell not because we were gay, but because we were proud. We wanted to be autonomous. . . . I counted the costs and I did not like the math.”

“I want you to know from what country I emigrated, and in which country my citizenship permanently and eternally resides. I’m not a native speaker of this country. No real convert is. I will always speak in broken godliness, as new paradigms reread old feelings.”

“God is calling us to so greatly love others that we do not desire for them anything that might separate them from God.”

When to Cover When to ConfrontRay Ortlund      “An impulsive rebuke, when covering is called for, scars the Body of Christ.  A cowardly covering, when a rebuke is called for, weakens the Body of Christ.  But our gentle covering of a multitude of shortcomings, with rare but brave rebukes for betrayals of the gospel, strengthens the Body of Christ.”   [A brief summary for a difficult subject to put in practise…]

Do Not Underestimate Your AdversaryJon Bloom  “Scripture teaches us that what we see happening in the world is only part of the story. There’s a whole dimension to reality that wields a direct and very powerful influence in our experience and yet is largely outside of our perception.”

Instead of WorryingTim Witmer

Eternal Perspectives  –   Randy Alcorn     “After all, what will last forever? God. God’s Word. People. Spending time in God’s Word and investing in people will pay off in eternity and bring me happiness and perspective now. This life need not be wasted. In small and often unnoticed acts of service to Christ, we can invest this life in eternity, where today’s faithfulness will forever pay rich dividends.”

7 Subtle Symptoms of Pride  - Fabienne Harford

Undetected Spiritual PrideJonathan Edwards

Online Theological Sources –  Nathan Busenitz   (for study help)

Bible Meditation For Beginners - Kari

5x5x5 Bible ReadingNavigators

The Bible Project (You Tube)  Books of the Bible & Bible themes

The Bible Project (website)

Are You a Superstitious Calvinist?  - Stephen Witmer   “But isn’t this how we often think, feel, and act — even those of us who are Calvinists? We live as though the people who hurt and harm us are writing their own damaging scripts rather than fulfilling the sovereign plan of God.”

Look At The Book –  John Piper  scroll past the first bit for a 14 part listing

How To Explain Sin – useful to an extent….

Look At The Book – Romans 9John Piper

Questions & Answers – Ligonier 2000 Conference

Exceptionally Ordinary  - Nick Horton  “ God did not call us to impact the world. He called us to faith and repentance.”

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