Saturday, November 1, 2014

October Padkos

Children in Worship Services – difficult one to get right. I like what I read here.


A series by Tim Challis :

How To Get Things Done

How To Get Things Done: Define Your Areas of Responsibility 

How To Get Things Done – Time, Energy and Mission

4 Things That Happen When You Study Leviticus For 10 Years

6 Great Reasons To Study Doctrine – Tim Challis


What is Discernment? (Sinclair Ferguson)

The Authority, Sufficiency, Finality of Scripture (Sinclair Ferguson)

GK Chesterton  and his ‘What I found in My Pocket’

 Cheerful Confidence After Christendom

When Our Theology Stifles Our Compassion

Video – John Piper, Romans 8- When God Himself Speaks to You

Pure and Simple Devotion – Ben Stuart

Timothy Keller – Prayer & Quiet Times

The Secret of Aslan – I remember well my first voyage into Narnia…

2013 CS Lewis Conference  (video)

Stop Apologizing For God


A Professor of New Technology bans technology use in class. – very interesting. I’m always interested to see what influences us and how.


100 Best Christian Books  - some surprising titles there. I’m putting this here for easy reference as I read through their reasons for including the titles they did.

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