Thursday, November 10, 2011

Before You Can Go…. need to be ready to do so. I was quite confident, at one time, that I had it all under control. Dear Lorainne was gracious enough not to laugh at me in my face, but instead simply stated that she would be back to finish the packing job she started. Between her and Beverly, we were able to finish and leave when we had planned to. Without them I might still be packing instead of sitting here at Gleanings typing this!

Ladies you are the very BEST!

Lorainne bravely soldiers on

Brave Lorainne

while Beverly whips up a delicious and beautiful Chai tea latte, served with cinnamon rolls and cookies, for us each.


And finally the quail dropped by to say good-bye too.


By midnight on Sunday the 6th we were packed and ready to head out on Monday morning.

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