Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Padkos - May 2016

Let's Revive Christian Polemics

Little Jumps in Studios

'Fast Food' Conversations - This article talks about conversations within the family, but it applies equally to friendships and interaction within the body of believers.

When You Don't Love Your Job Several 'single layered' comments there, but still interesting points worth thinking about (underneath the single layers)

5 Trends Christian Millennials Must Stop Doing

9 Sins The Church is Okay With 

Drinking It Sraight

How To Glorify God Being a Generalist

Eternity Etched on My Eyes

We Are Not Entitled to Respect - Don Carson

When Grace Hurts The Church

15 Discernment Diagnostics - Kevin DeYoung - some good points there...

7 Resolutions For Finishing Well - John Piper

Rend Your Heart

Singing Songs From Questionable Sources  - good info here, not just related to songs/music. "...exercising discernment isn’t the same thing as sinful judgment. Our culture often wrongly equates disagreement with disdain and insists that to make distinctions is to be condescending. But God tells us in Scripture to judge rightly, distinguish between those who should hear our message and who shouldn’t, be able to discern who a fool is, avoid people who cause divisions, and know the difference between sheep and wolves in sheep’s clothing"

Stop Complaining "However you express it, grumbling is the emotional expression of dissatisfaction."
Stop Complaining Part 2 "Very few things are as accurate a measure of the true nature of your heart as how you react to trials and disappointment."

Think about Your Death - Francis Chan  " Fools do whatever is easiest." "The wise man makes time to think about serious issues. The hard work of mourning builds up the wisdom of the heart."

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